Phil Jones, GBA |

Phil has over 30 years of experience in the Employee Benefit and Specialty Group Creditor sectors of the Insurance industry which includes positions as Senior Account Executive, Group Manager & National Sales Manager. In addition, his background includes 7 years in the Financial Services industry as a Lender and Finance Business Manager. This unique combination of experience and strong problem solving skills, together with his commitment to responsive service, ensures his clients always receive timely and expert Employee Benefit advice. Contact Phil at 780.705.7800 x101

Jake Jones, B.Sc. CS |

Jake came to HFIB in 2016 after developing his review, sales and customer service skills over the past 4 years with a major Alberta insurer and a local medical software development company. He’s responsible for strategically growing the business through the application of business intelligence and operations infrastructure, tools, methodologies, and best practices, as well as identifying businesses that align with HFIB’s fundamental philosophy of wanting the “best benefit plan for the money”. His support of HFIB’s superior customer service model when managing existing customers is also what helps HFIB stand out from the pack. Contact Jake at 780.705.7800 x102

Lisa Jobagy, GBA

Lisa entered the Employee Benefit industry in 1999 and has worked in various Administration & Service positions on both the Insurer and Advisor/ Consultant side of the Industry. Her primary responsibilities include support processes relating to client plan marketing’s, policy contract amendments, renewals, insurer transitions, claims experience reporting and various other general client admin, service & support requirements. Responding to our clients’ needs in a timely & professional manner with a focus on an attention to detail are core elements of Lisa’s work ethic. Contact Lisa at 780.705.7800×104

Tracy Cashaback

Tracy came to HFI Benefits at the start of 2018 after finishing her business administration accounting diploma in 2009 and working as a payroll and human resources administrator at a major graphics company. Tracy is responsible for bookkeeping, accounting, and the preparation of financial reports for management groups such as shareholders, creditors, regulatory agencies, and tax authorities. Contact tracy at 780.705.7800 x103

Pam Jones, BScN, RN

Pam started with QubeFlex, HFIB’s add-on wellness/ HCSA spending account division in 2015. Prior to this she spent 11 years with Alberta Health Services as a Nurse with a specialization in Mental Health. Pam’s background as a Nurse/Mental Health Therapist includes Adult Community Crisis Services and School Based Child and Adolescent Mental Health. In addition to expertise in mental health, Pam has a keen interest and knowledge in wellness from a holistic platform including nutrition, movement and spirituality. With increasing employer emphasis on the support and treatment of employee’s mental health and wellness as a whole, Pam’s background and expertise in these areas is becoming more relevant and important to HFIB’s clients. Additionally, Pam’s first career was as a Registered Dental Assistant, adding to her portfolio of health and wellness care and serving her well in her ever expanding role with HFIB. Contact Pam at 780.705.7800 x107