About Us

We are an employee benefits brokerage firm with more than 70 years of industry knowledge and experience. We take a technical and streamlined approach to employee benefits by leveraging modern technology to provide high quality service at a reasonable cost. We are one of the only firms that can design a partial, insurer-backed, ASO (Admin Services Only) plan that yields significant savings while also protecting your company from high claims. We also offer an optional HCSA (Health Care Spending Account)/WSA (Wellness Spending Account) that can be added by any company of any size. Our team has regional management level experience on the insurer side of the industry as well as decades of experience on the broker side of the industry; we have a deep understanding of employee benefits. Our knowledge and experience give us the ability to provide a superior product, and technology allows us to offer it at a reasonable price: the best value for your money.

Employee Benefit Specialists

A common misconception about the group benefit insurance industry is that it's standardized, that all insurance carriers determine their rates based on the same metrics, but that is not the case. There are no universal industry standards. If you add constantly changing legislation, technological innovation, and HR related liability protection, employee benefits can get complicated and time consuming very quickly. It's easy to see why the services of an employee benefit specialist are necessary. Another common misconception about employee benefits is that it's something that can be lumped in with life insurance or general insurance, but employee benefits is actually the largest and most complex of the three. For this reason, using an insurance generalist broker, a broker who provides all three types of insurance, will not give you the same level of product quality as a firm who specializes in employee benefits. Our specialty is employee benefits.

Why We Do What We Do

At HFI Benefits, we’re proud of the fact that our skills, experience and resources enable us to provide large consulting house technical support and service at reasonable, "local boutique", cost. While we believe in fair compensation for valued advisory services, we’ve always been irked by some of the exorbitant benefit support costs that large consulting houses charge for what should be standard support and service. At the same time, we know the value we bring to the table over the multitude of insurance generalists in the employee benefit advisory sector.

Where We Came From

Phil worked in banking and finance for 7 years and with various insurance companies for another 17 years before deciding his accrued knowledge and skills could better serve small to mid-size businesses as an employee benefit broker. He left the corporate, insurer, side of the employee benefit industry in 2005, and joined an established consulting brokerage in Edmonton as a principal. Two years later, in 2007, Phil established HFI Benefits Inc.; realizing his entrepreneurial dream of having his own firm to help businesses get the best employee benefit plan and service they can, for a fair price: 'the best value for the money'.

Where We are Today

Using his contacts and connections gained over his 37 year career, Phil has put together a team of highly skilled professionals that shared his long-term value, win-win, philosophy. Today, we have 5 full-time team members and 1 part-time QubeFlex team member. Our experienced, knowledgable and responsive team members are the pillars of our success and growth as a specialist employee benefits advisory. We're able to provide the best possible employee benefit plans for our clients because we have one of the most skilled and experienced teams in the industry. We provide a superior service model and superior plan designs.

What HFI Benefits provides services and advice that can only be provided by people that have spent a combined 72 years in the employee benefits industry. We know employee benefits. And we are confident that there is no other employee benefits advisory that can match us. Our clients know this (references provided upon request). Let us help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name HFI Benefits come from?
HFI Benefits Inc. was originally part of a larger financial services company, HFI Financial. HFI Benefits stands for Health First Insurance Benefits.

What differentiates your staff from other Benefit Advisories?
Not only do we have a team with many years of direct employee benefit industry experience (over 70 years combined), we also have a staff member that is a BSc RN & another staff member with his B.Sc.CS degree, as we recognize the value and evolution within our industry towards both Wellness and technology driven requirements.