About Us

At HFI Benefits, we’re proud of the fact that our skills, experience and resources enable us to provide large consulting house technical support and service at reasonable, local boutique, cost. While we believe in fair compensation for valued advisory services, we’ve always been irked by some of the exorbitant benefit support costs that large consulting houses charge for what should be standard support and service. At the same time, we know the value we bring to the table over the multitude of general insurance companies in the employee benefit advisory sector.
After working in banking finance for 7 years, and with various insurance companies for 17 years after that, Phil Jones decided his knowledge and skill set could be better used helping small to mid-size businesses in Edmonton and area. In 2005, Phil left the corporate, insurer, side of the industry and joined an established, Edmonton based, consulting advisory as a consulting partner. In 2007, Phil formally established HFI Benefits Inc. as its own entity, realizing his entrepreneurial dream of having his own firm to help businesses get the best employee benefit plan and service they could, for a fair price: 'the best deal for the money'.
Following that, Phil used his industry connections and contacts to put together a team of highly skilled professionals that shared his own long-term value, win-win, philosophy. Today, HFI Benefits Inc. has 5 full-time staff and 1 part-time QubeFlex staff member. Our experienced, knowledgable and responsive staff are the pillars of our success and growth as a specialist employee benefits advisory. We're able to provide the best deal for the money because our skilled and experienced staff are able to implement our superior service model and plan design structures.
Q: Where did the name HFI Benefits come from?

A: The founder of the HFI Financial Group of companies, Keith Hatton, was an early partner in HFI Benefits Inc. (HFIB) and his original company name was Hatton Financial Inc. i.e. HFI. Phil acquired the balance of HFIB’s shares from Mr. Hatton in 2010. Mr. Hatton is now retired.

Q: What differentiates your staff from other Benefit Advisories?

A: Not only do we have staff with many years of direct employee benefit industry experience (over 70 years combined), we also have a staff member that is a BSc RN & another staff member with his B.Sc.CS degree, as we recognize the value and evolution within our industry towards both Wellness and technology driven requirements.